Nordic Walking New Zealand - be taught by a certified European professional


Nordic Walking

  • Takes weight off your joints (especially when you are overweight)
  • Releases muscle tenderness in your neck and shoulders and strengthens
    your back muscles
  • Improves your aerobic fitness more effectively than walking
  • Burns up to 46% more calories than walking without poles
    (Cooper Institute research, Dallas, USA. Research Quarterly for Exercise
    and Sports 2002 publication)
  • Improves coordination as it uses cross movements
  • Has a positive impact on your blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat
  • Increases stability on slippery and uneven surfaces
  • Significantly increases the lateral mobility of your spine
  • Supports rehabilitation after hip, knee or back injuries
  • Is a fascinating year-round whole body workout
  • Can be practised on almost any terrain or surface including grass, sand, gravel, tarseal, concrete, and bush tracks

Although Nordic Walking looks simple enough, learning without the assistance of a trained instructor affects the level of benefits you can achieve and can in fact do more harm than good. Take the time to learn and regularly have your technique reassessed to ensure you are getting the most out of the activity and are protecting your long term health and fitness.